Investing in paramount technologies to improve the quality of human life and progress.

Mana Industries Fund 1 LP is our first Fund dedicated towards technologies that can augment and improve the quality of human life, while respecting individual agency.

✧ Cognitive tooling
✧ High performance computing
✧ Decentralized technology
may include web3, cryptocurrencies, protocol tokens, and other digital assets
As experts in our respective fields with notable reputations and expansive networks, we receive a fair amount of organic inbound deal flow, while the communities we participate in provide additional opportunities as well.
We hope good opportunities will want us to invest, knowing the support we can provide is more valuable than just capital. We aim to dive deep with founders and give genuine assistance and feedback with respect to their companies and products.
While many funds employ technical staff to assist and guide portfolio companies, Mana’s core team has deep technical expertise that will be leveraged not just as advice, but through building alongside the teams that we support.

We feel strongly about providing support and guidance to our portfolio all the way down to the project level.

Given our backgrounds in engineering, product design, systems design, and team building, we are able to build companies at every level from protocol to product.

We recognize the importance of making long-term bets and creating a safe space for experimentation and learning, which shapes not only the kind of companies we invest in, but the format of Mana’s funds.

Jeromy Johnson

Jeromy was the first employee at Protocol Labs, where he led development on IPFS, Coinlist, Filecoin and others. Much of the web3 ecosystem builds upon his work.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy programmed at eight venture backed startups as an early employee. Today he manages the Internet Development Studio Company and mentors aspiring webmasters.

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